Meet Sophie

Sophie framed portrait

The cool Nordic beauty

Sophie is my first Kidz ‘n’ Cats girl, one of the 2012 releases.  While searching for doll clothes patterns on the internet I had discovered the Kidz ‘n’ Cats dolls, and had been blown away by the natural looks of these highly articulated, strung-jointed dolls.

Kidz ‘n’ Cats have four different head moulds and Sophie’s is the one I think of as ‘classic good looks’.   She has blue eyes and flaxen blonde hair, very northern European or Nordic.   Her outfit is stunning, grey trousers and a lime-green polo-neck topped with a forest green embroidered smock-top.  She wears matching tartan boots and scarf, an embroidered hat, and pulse warmers.

After a period of lengthy thought, I have realised that Sophie’s clothing season is Spring.  She looks lovely in the clear warm colours and fresh yellow-greens of that season.  This seems quite an unusual colour season for a doll, and she is my only Spring girl and has the pick of the materials I have in that colour range.

Like all the Kidz ‘n’ Cats dolls, Sophie came with a little grey cat, wearing a tartan dress and maroon beret which match her accessories.  Oddly, this works quite well and the cat is rather charming.

Sophie: vital statistics

  • 18″ slim-bodied doll
  • 11 strung joints
  • Blue acrylic glass eyes
  • Flax-blonde Kanekalon wig
  • Season: Spring
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