Meet Nora

Nora portrait


Jamila’s little sister

Nora is one of the 13″ (32 cm) Las Amigas dolls by Spanish company Paola Reina.  I already had Liu and Cristi, so didn’t really ‘need’ another of these very attractive small dolls, but I like black dolls and I found this particular version of Nora with the long straight hair very appealing.

Nora has a North African skin-tone, very similar to my Jamila’s.  Jamila (Soy Tu ‘Amor’) was originally marketed as ‘North African’ and with her long dark hair and big brown eyes Nora fits this description very nicely.  She makes a perfect little sister for Jamila.

Like all the Paola Reina dolls, Nora is well-modelled and beautifully dressed.  Apart from her slight bust, she’s shaped like a little girl and stands with a tummy-sticking-out backwards curve which is characteristically little-girly.  She has just five swivel joints, which make for a limited (but incredibly cute) range of movement.  Her meet outfit in cool summer pink and red is well-designed and constructed and the colour is just right for her Summer clothing season.

Nora: vital statistics

  • 13″ slim-bodied doll
  • 5 swivel joints
  • Dark brown fixed eyes
  • Black nylon rooted hair – washable
  • Vanilla scent
  • Season: Summer
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