Meet Meili

Meili portrait

This sweet girl with her heart-shaped face is Asian Hannah-at-the-Ballet by Götz.  I wanted to add Hannah to my models as she is such a popular doll, and I want to be able to make clothes for her.  But I dithered for a long time because I have to admit that I don’t find the usual Hannah face at all appealing.  However, there are two other variants available and the Asian Hannah was the one that ‘spoke’ to me.  I also wanted to add another ethnic doll to my collection and this one ticked all the boxes.


Click to learn about the name Meili

Of course as she’s not a mainstream Hannah she needed a new name: Hannah just didn’t seem right for a Chinese girl.  I settled on Meili, which means ‘beautiful’ in Mandarin, and seems entirely appropriate for this charming dark-eyed little girl.  Working out her clothing season was tricky, but in spite of the black hair she does seem to be an Autumn, and looks stunning in greens and ambers.

Meili’s hair is black and rooted in a way that demands her hair be styled into two bunches or buns.  She looks very cute like this and the style suits her heart-shaped face.  Her fixed eyes are dark brown, and her skin is Asian in tone.  Her body is beautifully modelled: her arms and hands fall naturally into graceful dance poses, and she is very poseable with five strung joints.  Her left leg, like all Hannahs, is slightly flexed which, again, makes her very poseable.  I was blown away by her feet which are properly modelled with arches and individual toes, not flat-footed like so many doll feet.  The quality of this doll is amazing.

She is 19″ tall, with sturdy arms and legs.  Her feet are a tiny bit bigger than the American Girl, Götz Precious Day and Madame Alexander Favorite Friends doll feet, so some of their shoes are too small; and her hands are a good size too.  At first glance you would think she could share clothes with all these sturdy-bodied dolls.  But her body is quite small and slender – much closer in size to the slim-bodied dolls like Kidz ‘n’ Cats.

This makes finding patterns for Meili quite challenging.  She can readily wear sleeveless tops and dresses sized for Kidz ‘n’ Cats, but any trouser legs and sleeves are often too narrow to go over her sturdy hands and legs.   While it’s possible to find a lot of knitting patterns for Hannah dolls, there seem to be very few sewing patterns out there.  There is a Dutch/German pattern for nightclothes available – which is challenging as I don’t speak either Dutch or German – but I’ve bought the German version and am gradually deciphering it with the help of Google Translate (sigh).   There is also a pattern for flared trousers on the Daisy Dolls blog.   Apart from these I’ve found nothing else, so if anyone knows of good patterns for Hannah please send me details.

And her clothing season?  Rather surprisingly, she’s another Autumn.  She came dressed in a ballet outfit in the pale ice-pink of Winter, which did her no favours at all.  A short session with some different swatches revealed what I suspected: in spite of her black hair, she’s no Winter.  Her sallow skin and dark eyes need yellow-toned colours, and the Autumn palette suits her admirably, as you can see from her portrait above.

Meili: vital statistics

  • 19″ slim-bodied, sturdy-limbed doll
  • 5 strung joints
  • Brown fixed eyes
  • Black rooted hair
  • Season: Autumn
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