Meet Lidia


 Enter the Queen

Lovely Lidia is one of Las Reinas (the Queens) from Spanish company Paola Reina.  She is my largest doll at 24″ (actually 60cm), and rather unusual in that she has a mixture of different kinds of joints.  Her neck, shoulder, hip, wrist and ankle joints are simple swivel joints.  Her knees and elbows are hinged with a pin, so they bend but only in one direction.   These joints allow quite a range of different poses but also impose certain restrictions as there is no side-to-side movement.  Sadly, Lidia can’t sit elegantly, or reach out to the side.  For a full review of the plus and minus points of Las Reinas, check out the Toybox Philosopher’s blog about Lidia’s cousin Marta.

Lidia’s body is all vinyl, with the scent of vanilla which is characteristic of Paola Reina dolls.  Her hair is an excellent silky fibre generously rooted into her scalp.  It is thick and wavy, and can be damped or washed (with care) and set in rollers to refresh its bounce and movement.  I found that it responded well to an initial wash and conditioning which improved its silkiness no end.  Lidia’s eyes, like Jamila’s, are an attractive golden brown and she has lush eyelashes on her upper lids.  Her skin is a soft pink in tone, and she has a particularly sweet, slightly melancholy expression.

Her overall body shape is rather like a larger version of Gotz Hannah, in that she has a slim body for her size but more sturdy arms and legs.  In fact, her chest is very little bigger around than an American Girl’s, but she has a slight bust, and of course is longer in the body.  So it is possible for her to wear some American Girl-sized sleeveless dresses as tunics, as long as they are wrap-around or not too closely fitted.  Her limbs are too big to be accommodated by 18″ doll clothing, however, and her legs in particular are very sturdy indeed, probably to support her quite weighty body.

Lidia arrived in a pretty pink outfit: a gathered pink skirt, a white knit top decorated with a flower, and a pink knit jacket, pink tights and shoes.  On the doll they didn’t look bad at all, but I couldn’t seem to get a good photograph of her.  That’s a sure sign the colours are wrong for a doll, so I analysed her colouring and decided she was an Autumn.  I made her a dress in olive/moss green, which was OK, and the photographs were a lot better, but she still didn’t glow.  For some reason I began wondering if she was a Summer.  I made her a lovely leggings-and-blouse outfit in sweet pea shades, which I really like, but tellingly, I couldn’t get a good photo of her in it.  Finally I took her down to my friend Christine who is my dolly colour analyst, and after trying various autumn-coloured fabrics on her we realised she is indeed an Autumn, but one who needs the rich gold and yellow end of the autumn palette.

I resisted acquiring Lidia for some weeks, as I had no intention of straying from the 16-18″ size range.  But this Queen won me over, and in spite of her rather eccentric articulation I find she is a very welcome addition to Kit’s Couture.


Lidia: vital statistics

  • 24″ (60 cm) doll with slim body and sturdy limbs
  • All-vinyl body, vanilla-scented
  • 9 swivel joints plus four hinged joints
  • Golden-brown fixed eyes
  • Mid-brown rooted hair
  • Season: autumn
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