Meet Helen

Helen portrait

My little Dutch girl

I’m very lucky to have Helen.  By the time I discovered the Kidz ‘n’ Cats dolls, Helen was no longer in production and I couldn’t find her at any of the online shops in the UK.  But I put the word out on a Facebook group, the Kidz ‘n’ Cats Bazaar, that I wanted to find her, and one of the members kindly told me of a shop in the Netherlands that still had one left.  A small struggle with the Dutch online order form, an exchange of emails with the charming proprietor, and Helen was on her way to England!

Helen's first photoshoot, summer 2014 Click to enlarge

Helen’s first photoshoot, summer 2014
Click to enlarge

My Helen is a 2011 vintage 17.5″ Kidz with 9 joints, not the really sought-after 2009/10 type with the slightly rounder face – but she is exquisite nonetheless.  Her vinyl is far superior to that of my other Kidz Sophie and Annika, both later 11-jointed dolls from 2013.  Helen’s arms and legs actually stay bent when I put them into position!  So I am very happy to have her and she is certainly photogenic – the camera (even one wielded by me) really loves her.

Helen is a Winter, and her delicate blonde beauty looks particularly lovely in white and pale cool ice shades rather than the darker jewel colours of that season.

Helen: vital statistics

  • 17.5″ slim bodied doll
  • 9 strung joints
  • Blue eyes
  • Pale blonde Kanekalon wig
  • Season: Winter


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