Meet Elisabeth


A gawky young lady with great hair

Elisabeth is the second of the two American Girl-type dolls I bought in summer 2013 to help me ensure that clothes from Kit’s Couture will fit other sturdy 18″ dolls besides American Girl.

Elisabeth is one of the Precious Day girls from Götz, a German doll manufacturer, and she’s readily available in the UK – in 2013 at least – from internet shops like My Doll Best Friend.  Götz made the original American Girls, so she is very similar in construction with a firmly-stuffed ragdoll body and ball jointed limbs.  Her head, like American Girl’s, simply turns from side to side: no coy head-tilting possible here!   Unlike American Girl, she has no wig; instead her long, gorgeously thick hair is rooted into her scalp.  It felt rather rough and dry when she arrived, so I treated it with braid spray and then washed the spray out with baby shampoo and let her hair air-dry.  It responded well to this treatment and now feels soft and silky.

The material of Elisabeth’s  ragdoll body is quite amber-toned, almost burnt sienna in colour: far too dark and quite the wrong shade to tone with her pink skin, and it is very obvious in the halter-neck top she’s wearing in her photo above – but her hair is cunningly styled to hide this!   She will definitely look her best in clothes that cover her body well.   Although they are nominally the same size, I find that compared with Kit, my American Girl, Elisabeth has a longer neck, narrower shoulders, a slightly concave chest, awkwardly protruding hips and a large bottom.  Some of Kit’s dresses are too roomy across her shoulders; and trousers that fit Kit beautifully need a slightly deeper rise to fit Elisabeth comfortably.  She looks great in sweaters and leggings though, and is clearly an outdoor, country-dressing kind of girl.

Elisabeth is supplied dressed in a stylish outfit in Winter colours: white trousers, a blue and white striped shirt with red frill, and a matching red/white/blue striped belt and hairband, plus white shoes and a gorgeous little red and white umbrella.  But Elisabeth is a classic Summer with her pink-toned skin, soft brown hair and brown eyes.  She looks lovely in all the sweet pea shades, soft blues and pinks, and soft blue-greens.  So very quickly I got her out of the red/blue/white outfit and dressed her in a wrap-around skirt and sunhat in summer shades, with the pink knit top and canvas sandals from Kit’s ‘meet’ outfit.   These suited her so much better, as does the blue-green print she is wearing in her portrait above.

Elisabeth seems rather younger than Kit and Shona, closer to my little girl doll Susan in apparent age.  Because she is bottom-heavy she doesn’t stand as elegantly as Kit, and it has to be said that this slightly gawky young lady is not a natural on the catwalk!  But her glorious head of hair and sweet expression make up for these disadvantages and she is a welcome addition to my collection of models.

Elisabeth: vital statistics

  • 18″ sturdy bodied doll
  • Cloth body, vinyl head and limbs
  • 5  strung joints
  • Brown sleepy eyes
  • Mid-brown rooted hair
  • Season: summer
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