Meet Clara

Clara portrait

Sweetly Pensive

This charming girl is the 2015 version of Gotz Happy Kidz Clara. Like all the Gotz dolls, she has a sweetly neutral expression, designed to encourage creative play in children.   The other face moulds in the Happy Kidz series seem to me to look sad, almost as if they were about to burst into tears, but Clara’s facial expressions is thoughtful and as if filled with wonder at the amazing world around her.

She is 19″ tall and slim-bodied, so she can often share clothes with the smaller Kidz ‘n’ Cats.  Her body is all vinyl, with 9 points of articulation which make her very posable.  She’s not strung over-tightly, so her elbows and knees stay bent when put into position.  Her feet, like Hannah’s, but unlike the Precious Day girls, are slightly larger than American Girl’s and not all shoes made for them will fit her.  Her hands too are quite large, which means that tight-sleeved garments for Kidz ‘n’ Cats will not go over them very easily.  Her slightly taller frame and more substantial limbs mean that she can also share some clothes with the sturdy-bodied American Girl.  Her sleepy eyes are dark-brown with beautifully-placed eyelashes, and her brown hair with its central parting is cut to mid-back level and styled with two small plaits either side of her face.  As with all the Gotz dolls, her rooted hair can be washed and styled.

Clara came dressed in a striking winter outfit of bronze-coloured trousers, a simple white t-shirt and an amazing pink fur jacket, set off with a cranberry-coloured glittery scarf and pink glittery booties.  Apart from the trousers, these colour suit her Winter colouring perfectly.

Both doll and clothing are top-quality, just what we expect from Gotz.

Clara: vital statistics

  • 19″ slim-bodied doll
  • Vinyl body
  • 9 strung joints
  • Brown sleepy eyes
  • Mid-brown rooted hair
  • Season: Winter

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