Meet Audrey

Audrey portrait 01

What a Honey!

Audrey is my second Soy Tu girl from Paola Reina.  With her honey-blonde hair, warm blue eyes, and new face mould, she makes a complete contrast to Jamila, my other Soy Tu girl.  For this later face, Paola Reina has decided to make the eyes fixed rather than sleepy, which I actually prefer.  Her features are more realistic than the more traditional-dolly looks of Jamila, and they are very appealing, particularly in three-quarter face.

Otherwise, her body is exactly the same as the earlier Soy Tu girls, with the same rather incongruous little bust.  Her rooted hair is very good quality, thick and soft, and it falls in great waves down her back.  She arrived in an outfit in Winter colours which didn’t do her any favours, although it was nicely designed and imaginative in style. But Audrey’s colouring puts her firmly in the Spring clothing season and it will be very rewarding to dress this sweet doll in the warm, bright palette of that season.

Audrey: vital statistics

  • 17″ little girl doll
  • All-vinyl body
  • 5 swivel joints
  • Blue fixed eyes
  • Honey-blonde rooted hair
  • Season: Spring
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