Meet Annika

Annika framed portrait

The French poppet

Annika is my second Kidz ‘n’ Cats girl, one of the 2013 releases.  I hadn’t intended to get another Kidz ‘n’ Cats as I already had Sophie and didn’t need another model for Kidz clothing, but I fell for Annika when I saw her and didn’t try very hard to talk myself out of buying her.

Kidz ‘n’ Cats have four different head moulds and Annika is one of the ‘pouty’ ones.   She has brown eyes and light auburn hair, a refreshing change from all the blonde and blue-eyed dolls out there.  She arrived in a pretty summer outfit of flouncy ra-ra skirt, sleeveless batiste top and a turquoise jersey jacket, plus very light summer sandals.  I immediately dressed her in Sophie’s trousers and suddenly she became a very cool little madam indeed…  I suspect she’s French, she has that look somehow.

Her colour season is Autumn: she looks great in yellow ochre, ambers, browns, greens and marine navy.

She came with a cat, of course.  A ridiculous cat dressed in a bikini and sunglasses.  I mean, I like cats, but in a bikini?  This is truly weird…

Annika: vital statistics

  • 18″ slim bodied doll
  • 11 strung joints
  • Dark brown eyes
  • Light auburn Kanekalon wig
  • Season: Autumn
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