About Kit’s Couture

Kit’s Couture was born when I discovered that I enjoyed sewing and knitting for my dolls so much that I wanted to showcase some of the work.   I have discovered a whole community of doll enthusiasts on the internet, and this is a way to share with that community my own appreciation of the craft of making doll clothes for modern and vintage dolls.

Kit’s Couture is a pleasant pastime for wet weekends and dark winter days.  Each garment is one of a kind, crafted with care.  As I hone my dressmaking skills, I aspire to make each garment that little bit better than the one before.

So why Kit’s Couture?  Who is Kit?

Obviously, Kit is my American Girl, Kit Kittredge…  but no, this site isn’t just for American Girl doll clothes.

Am I Kit, then?  I could be.  My name’s Katy which is close enough.  So I might be Kit… or I might not.

The Kit’s Couture garment label features a little cat, so maybe Kit is my cat, Bethia Kitt?

Perhaps it’s a bit of all three.  The choice is yours.

I hope you enjoy the clothing creations of Kit’s Couture.


14th April 2013


5 thoughts on “About Kit’s Couture

  1. Your blog is so sweet! I love it and I love your doll selections. I’ve just created a website dedicated to free pattern and craft sharing for dolls. I would have sent you an email but I can’t find an address! I think you’ll like it so please, check it out sometime if you like. mommysdollclub.com

    • Thanks for getting in touch, Chrissy. I don’t advertise an email on this page because of spam, so commenting is the best way to reach me. I’ve had a look at your website – what a great resource, especially your list of free patterns!

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