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RSI and blogging don’t go together


Cristi, Nora and Liu say goodbye from Kit’s Couture – but for how long?

Back in the summer I developed a rotator cuff injury in one shoulder, and while it has improved a good deal, it’s still there and mouse work at the computer aggravates the problem.  Swapping my mouse to the other hand has not helped, because now the other shoulder has a similar problem – and that’s in spite of swapping over to using an ergonomic split keyboard and a vertical mouse.

The cure is to rest the muscles as much as possible, and this is why the blog has been inactive for the last six months.  As my work depends on my being able to use a PC, I have got to take this problem very seriously.  And as, unfortunately, the RSI is persistent and is obviously going to take a good long while to clear up, I feel I have to close down this blog for the foreseeable future. I’ve no idea how long that will be, perhaps just a matter of months, perhaps longer.  We will definitely be back at some stage.

But for now, it’s goodbye from team Kit’s Couture.

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