Archive | February 2014

Taking a winter break

Kit’s Couture is taking a blogging break for a while.  I didn’t intend it, but the winter storms of wind, rain and flooding here in the south-west of England have been so dreadful, and the days too dark.  Even with my extra lighting I’ve not been able to take reasonable photos, or work at my sewing machine without eyestrain.  So the break just happened, and it seems things will be quiet here for a few more weeks until the light levels improve and – happy thought! – spring is in the air.

I’ve been busy knitting though, so  there will be new fashions and knitwear to showcase for the new season.  And three new models: Meili (Gotz Asian Hannah at the Ballet), Maru (Maru and Friends) and Jamila (Paola Reina Soy Tu African)!