Kit’s Couture goes live!

I’m finally launching this blog.  It’s been several months in the planning but now it’s ready to go.  We have a dozen or so outfits to showcase, the models are ready and longing to get out there on the catwalk…

We will be featuring:-

  • Susan modelling vintage knitwear and designs from the 1950s – 1970s
  • Kit modelling American Girl fashions from the USA and Australia, including a beautiful gown in the style of the 1790s.
  • Sophie and Annika modelling Kidz ‘n’ Cats designs from France and the USA.

So watch this space over the next few days and weeks as the latest collection from Kit’s Couture goes public!

5 thoughts on “Kit’s Couture goes live!

  1. Great information and ideas. I looked forward to reading more of your updates. I have 5 KnC’s dolls now They are just so gorgeous. Barbara

    • Thank you, Barbara. I’m afraid I’m behind with the updates. I just enjoy the sewing too much and if it’s a choice between sewing and blogging… you know what I’m saying!
      I try only to have one doll of each type, but with the Kidz I got a bit carried away and ended up with two, one each of the two head moulds that I like. The other three (eg Stine, Henriette and Galina) don’t do anything for me, although I know many people love them.
      Thanks for checking in at Kit’s Couture – call back soon as I have a lot to add to the blog and will get to it very soon.

      • I know exactly what you mean. I sew and design patterns for KnC’s and sell them on Etsy but I really enjoy the sewing part most.
        I also belong to the KnC’s fanclub on facebook which is very informative and full of like minded people.
        Enjoy your sewing and I look forward to your new updates 🙂


        WellyBs on Etsy

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